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Insights and analysis on the Japan market.

Tokyo: Will the music stop in 2019?

Aug 21, 2019

Interesting article by Nuveen’s Head of Research for APAC, Harry Tan. Outlines the strength of the economy despite some headwinds and the difficulty that many groups have in accessing higher quality deals in the Tokyo market, despite the market’s depth. The article also highlights logistics and multi-family residential as two focus assets classes for Nuveen. Tokyo is clearly a priority market for all the APAC core funds, and the outlook is generally positive for most asset classes.

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Unnerved by US-China trade war & deterred by property prices at home, Hong Kong investors are turning to Japan for real estate

Aug 16, 2019

Article from the SCMP in Hong Kong. Given the current political situation in Hong Kong, investor interest in the major markets in Japan is likely to increase substantially over the coming years. Major beneficiaries are likely to be Tokyo and Osaka. Few markets in the region offer what Japan’s major cities do – freehold title, low interest rates, high quality construction and management, attractive demand/supply dynamics for well-located properties, and so on. Outlook for Tokyo and Osaka is generally positive as they are the industrial, commercial and financial centres of the Japan. There is also the Rugby World Cup this year, Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo, plans to develop integrated casino resorts in several locations across the country, and the 2025 World Expo to be held in Osaka.

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