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Insights and analysis on the Japan market.

Opportunities Ahead

Sep 19, 2020

Interesting article below on PAG and the real estate market in Japan. At Nikota, we expect buy-side opportunities to improve from Q4 this year as large corporates come under pressure from lenders to offload real estate assets and Covid-related government support policies fall away. This should be good news for all investors looking to deploy capital in the Japan market.

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Resilience of the Japanese real estate market

Sep 10, 2020

APAC definitely stands out from a near-term growth potential perspective vs North America and Europe, and within APAC, Japan stands out given it’s the only deep institutional market in the region where investors can still efficiently invest across all the major cities and asset classes, and across the risk curve, despite the current headwinds. In a recent survey conducted by JLL, 56% of fund managers responded that they were looking to increase their real estate exposure to Japan. This was higher than the rates for all the other major markets in APAC.

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Tourism and Property Market Review for Niseko

Aug 15, 2020

Below is the latest report by well-known hotel consultant, Bill Barnett, and his team at C9 Hotelworks. Niseko has been the hottest real estate market in Japan for the past decade, and probably the hottest new resort destination in APAC over the same period. The market is in the process of moving to a new level on the back of the opening of the Park Hyatt Hotel and Residences in Hanazono earlier this year, and with upcoming projects like the Ritz Carlton Reserve in Niseko Village and the Aman in Moiwa. Summer traffic has also picked up substantially in recent years as the area slowly becomes a year-round destination for holidaymakers.

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Digitization, Succession and M&A in Japan

Aug 5, 2020

Some interesting predictions in the article below by the CEO of one of Japan's largest banks, Mizuho. Let's hope he is right and Covid is an accelerant for change at Japan Inc on the digitization, succession and M&A front. That would be a positive for many people, especially those in private equity looking at opportunities there.

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Office Demand Going Forward

Aug 2, 2020

The debate regarding the role of the office for larger companies and flexible working arrangements for their employees, and how it is likely to impact their corporate footprint and in turn the real estate industry, will certainly continue for some time. It will be interesting to see how it plays out over the years to come and impacts the real estate markets in the major gateway cities globally. The article below is worth a read for those interested in the topic.

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