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Insights and analysis on the Japan market.

Yokohama integrated resort looking likely

Mar 19, 2020

The Yokohama government is moving forward with the planning for the integrated resort despite the headwinds. It is set to provide a major boost for the economy and tourism in the area. Exciting times for Yokohama, and for the whole of Tokyo given Yokohama is on its doorstep.

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Great snapshot of the Japan hotel market

Nov 25, 2019

This snapshot of the Japan hotel market by Savills Hotels highlights some of the interesting dynamics at play in the market. There is no shortage of hotels deals in the market at present, especially 2 to 3-star properties, however, few tick the important boxes - quality hardware, convenient location, scale (well over 100 keys), and a good operator. The properties with operators/brands that resonate with both domestic and international tourists and business people are set to be the out-performers over the coming years.

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LVS chooses to focus on Tokyo & Yokohama

Sep 8, 2019

It is worth talking note when the world's largest casino operator, and probably the most successful integrated resort operator in Asia, Las Vegas Sands, chooses to drop Osaka and focus its efforts on Tokyo and Yokohama. People are getting particularly excited about the potential impact of an integrated resort on real estate and the economy in Yokohama.

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